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Welcome to Kotze Creative!

Our goal is to make web design, branding and social media simple for your business. We’ve honed our expertise to become a trusted partner for small business owners like you! But beyond just the web design and branding components, we also like to work with our clients to drive them to achieve their goals. 

Consider us an extension of your team. Together, we’ll collaborate to design and implement a tailored branding and website or social media strategy that aligns perfectly with your unique needs. Our commitment is to empower your brand with a visually compelling online presence and strategic branding that captivates your audience!




“Ellen helped me make the change from an in person yoga business to an online yoga. She built out my website and made it really easy for my customers to access my work digitally. Not only was she an absolute pleasure to work with but she took all the stress out of the tech for me and was always one step ahead of my needs.”

– Rachel Smithbone

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We know that launching a business, involves navigating through various complexities such as fees, licenses, training and physical space costs. Establishing an online presence adds another layer of options, ranging from high-priced services provided by ‘experts’ to having to DIY due to budget constraints.

But you also know that you don’t have the time to learn the entirety of a web or social media platform before getting online. You need a website and social media presence quickly, so that your business can grow.

Every website we create is designed with your business in mind, by a team of designers with over 10 years industry experience. They’re optimised for our good friend Google (hello SEO), integrate with your booking software and are designed to grow with your business.

Featured Template:

Lavender Fields


Lavender Fields is designed to be simultaneously magical, whimsical, and professional. It's also been intentionally crafted to work with ANY palette, including vibrant, bright ones! If you're a service provider who needs to toe the line between "professional" and "fun" - Lavender Fields is the solution you've been looking for. 

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